Lough Lene, Co. Westmeath

Lough Lene is situated in North Westmeath between the vilages of Castlepollard and Collinstown. The lake is described in Lewis's Topographical as being an irregular oval shape, possibly 2 miles long by 1 mile broad.  A freshwater lake, most sources focus on the clarity of the water, with the term "gin clear" being used frequently to describe it. It sits approximately 312 ft above sea level and covers approximately 430 hectares with depths to 20m. Lough Lene has regularly been awarded the blue flag for water quality by the E.E.C. This lake holds a good head of wild trout and this is complimented by regular stocking. Trout to 5lbs weight are not uncommon and the largest recorded trout was a 6lbs. fish taken in March. There are extensive shallows all over and particularly around the islands in the middle. Lough Lene holds a small stock of very large trout, averaging up to 3.5 lbs with fish up to 12 lbs having been taken. Duck fly, murrough and green peter are all prominent and fishing, as is often the case in these midland lakes, can often be most productive around dusk. Fishing takes place on Lough Lene from 1st March to September 30th, on Lough Bane from 1st March to September 30th, on White Lough from 1st March to September 30th. All fly fishing methods are allowed. Best Flies: March Brown., Sooty Olive, Duckfly, Golden Olive, Bibio, Peter Ross, Black Pennell, Buzzers, Mallard and Claret, Green Peter, Murrough and Cock Robin

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